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Jacek Malinowski


Player 999 is lying. Or not?

Directed by Jacek Malinowski
Stage design Michał Wyszkowski, Video: Autorka videa: Katarzyna Zabłocka
Music Marcin Nagnajewicz
Cast Andrea Ballayová, Kristýna Franková, Lenka Lupínková, Radka Mašková, Daniel Horečný, Josef Jelínek, Robert Kroupar
Premiéra Czech premiere
Monday, 28 November 2022
od12 The performance is
from 12 years

How to become someone special? How to break through in the world of youtubers? And at the same time lead a life outside the virtual world? At first glance, nothing happens in a small mountain town, it just snows regularly and people live in their own routine. Our hero Adam spends most of his time playing games and sharing his life on social networks. And he decides to take a step in life: to invite his classmate Eva to the ball, who he has long liked. Unfortunately, she is looking for someone extraordinary, for someone who aims to be famous. Through virtual reality, Adam meets Player 999, who reveals secrets to him. A secret that could bring Adam the respect of his classmates and a ball with Eva would be within reach. Discovering mysterious tracks in the snow will make the town famous all over the world, our hero becomes an all-loved and respected youtuber. But what if it's all a lie and virtual reality is all around us?

The term SNOWBall has several meanings in English (and globally). It can be a snowball, a ball at the end of the winter semester, but also a symbol for fake news, ie insignificant fictional information, on which more and more pack up. In our performance, all the meanings mentioned will intertwine. The play for the Alfa Theater was written and will be directed by Jacek Malinowski, director, screenwriter and director of the Puppet Theater in Bialystok, Poland. This important creator is the president of the Polish center of the puppet association UNIMA. In addition to Poland, he directs in a number of European countries, including Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovakia.

He is preparing the title SNOWBall in the Czech language. The production is part of the international project Connect Up, which focuses on research and innovation in the field of theater for teenage audiences. Together with the Alfa Theater, another 13 theaters from all over Europe are participating in the project. As part of the Connect Up activities, European theaters present new unique performances with an international dimension, which follow and reflect the current themes of young people, their way of perceiving, communicating and sharing experiences.


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