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2022 Japan Tour

Alfa Theatre celebrated the first week of the tour in Kyoto Alfa


Alfa Theatre from Plzeň ended the first week of its summer hosting in Japan on Sunday in Kyoto. On the most important stage here, the Rohm Theater played two performances of Pozor Zorro (directed by Tomáš Dvořák) in front of a full house. In total, Alfa is hosting in Japan for 9 weeks and will play around 40 shows. The puppeteers are waiting for performances in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya or Sapporo, but also in exotic places such as the island of Oshima.

Czech citizens living in Japan will be treated to a presentation at the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Tokyo.

Alfa prepared a version of Pozor Zorro in Japanese, combining Japanese, Spanish and Czech expressions. Thanks to a very good translation from the partner PUK Theater in Tokyo, the audience understands the story and the jokes and responds well. The Japanese version is also gradually modified during the tour, according to the audience's reaction.

The tour was prepared by the Alfa Theatre in cooperation with the PUK Theater in Tokyo, with the support of the Tokyo Art Council and Cultural Agency of Japan, the trip was also supported by the MKČR and the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Japan.

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