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2015-08-31 - Follow news of festival on Fb

First weekend of Skupova Plzen, Giant Puppets and La Nina performance attended  100 000 visitors. Follow news of Skupova Pilsen on Fb

2015-08-29 - Gian Puppets in Pilsen

Tousands of people visited yesterday unique show of Giant Puppets in city Pilsen centre. Co today from 20:30 and see it again. Come from 10:30 till 20:30 and you will see also Naive theatre Liberec, La Pavana, worhkshops, Volpino by Theatre Risorius and many more.

2015-08-25 - Giant Puppets are already in Pilsen

Giants puppets came to Pilsen. Do not miss firts show of La Nina performance on Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday with puppets in city Pilsen.

2015-07-16 - Volpino in puppet tent

Fantastic adventure of a young fox in a magical puppet theatre tent. Volpino and his family decide to change wildlife for a comfortable life in a city. During their journey they meet other animals, for example Minin, the little rabbit, and they discover that living in the vicinity of people has its pitfalls. It's a wonderful excursion into a microcosm of the animal kingdom. Performance was awarded at festivals worldwide. Appropriate for children over the age of 3. The show will be performed on náměstí Republiky 3times per day during all weekend, for all who loves fun, nature, and stories in Chicken Run or Fantastic Mr. Fox style.

2015-07-16 - Vietnamese watter puppet theatre in Pilsen

Proverb says that the soul of Vietnamese puppet theatre came from the paddy fields. Traditional Vietnamese water puppet theatre is a folk art, the art of village puppeteers. Old legends, folk tales, but also elements such as water, wind and fire are revived here. After many years, the Czech audiences have an opportunity to see the original production of this unique in the world, presented by actors of the National Puppet Theatre, Hanoi. The unforgettable puppet show on the water surface using special bamboo rods and handrails, dragons, smoke and fire effects, all in a charming traditional scene and clear water. This unique hosting of Vietnamese Water Puppet Theatre is also supported by the Ministry of Culture of Vietnam.

2015-06-11 - Ostriches and giraffes in the streets of Pilsen

Ostrich and giraffe-like creatures will surprise visitors of the opening weekend of the Skupa’s Pilsen festival. Teatro Pavana from the Netherlands is preparing a unique art show for Pilsen. Fauna of savannas and steppes will come to life in Pilsen’s ring of parks. Sassy ostriches and graceful giraffes will surely please the hearts of children and adults from August, 29th to 30th in the city center

2015-06-11 - Carros de Foc will start Skupa’s Pilsen open air

A unique collection of giant parade puppets by the Spanish theater group Carros de Foc will start Skupa’s Pilsen festival. From August, 28th to August, 30th, festival visitors will have a possibility to see 12-meter-high marionettes, 20-meter-long dragon or a flying bird. The puppets will be introduced in the city center from Friday to Sunday evening, then they will come to life and become characters of La Niña, a special site-specific performance at DEPO2015, prepared with dozens of acrobats, dancers and musicians. Skupa’s Pilsen open air weekend promises dozens of street puppet shows by Pilsen puppeteers and theater groups from France or the Netherlands. A complete program of Skupa’s Pilsen open air will soon be available…

2015-06-02 - Current program

To date, we have prepared for you a taste of what you will be able to see at the festival Skupova Plzen.

Feel free to check the list of performances that are waiting for you!

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