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Puppet magician Neville Tranter, producer of Tim Burton ´s puppets Peter Saunders, czech puppet designer Miroslav Trejtnar or videoartist Kalle Nio from WHS Company Finland will present own works at Skupova Pilsen 2015. Meet with them in workshops and masterclass. More info here.

Skupa´s Pilsen International 2015

Skupa´s Pilsen International

August 28th – September 6th, 2015

The Skupa´s Pilsen International is an exceptional edition of the festival of professional puppet and alternative theatre held within the project Pilsen - European Capital of Culture. This non-competitive festival provides a selective programme of unique contemporary productions, whether puppet or those by puppet shows influenced. Theatre groups and artists from Israel, Japan, Great Britain, France and other countries will introduce their work in dramaturgical series Puppet in the streets, Puppet and the present, Puppet across genres. Home puppet and alternative scene will not be unnoticed. The festival also reflects the 85th anniversary of Nosek and Skupa´s puppet character of Hurvínek. As one of the greatest attraction, festival will introduce „giant puppets“ – stylized figures in the parade show of Carros de Foc, the theatre group from Spain. There will be workshops and seminars held during the festival, visitors can meet for example lead puppeteers of acclaimed director Tim Burton. A unique exhibition of world puppets, Development of puppets, with a concept inspired by the work of Jiří Trnka, will also take place in Pilsen.

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